4R Ranch


4R Gun Dogs

As with any wingshooting operation, we are very proud of our dogs. We will not go so far as to say that they are the best dogs around, but we will say that you will not hunt over dogs that are any better.

Our dogs are part of our family here at the 4R Ranch. Not only do they supply us with love, friendship and entertainment, but they help support our livelihood. We take great pride in the care and training of our dogs, and know you will have the same admiration once you have seem them in action.

We breed gun dogs based on three criteria: hunting instict, breed character and disposition. We hunt over English Pointers and use English Cockers as flushers/retrievers. The two breeds compliment one another well, and we're sure you'll agree after seeing them in action.

We offer both Cockers and Pointers for sale throughout the year. Every gun dog we sell comes with one promise: we will not sell a dog that we would not use in our own hunting operation.

If you're in the market for a Gun Dog, please give us a call!

Muscular white and brown dog with tail straight up in the air. Three men pointing up at doves. Two brown and white hunding dogs. Field of spotted deer. Brown and white dog pointing in field of dead grass.