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South Texas Axis Hunting Packages

We have been hunting Axis Deer at the 4R for 15 years. In that time, we have consistently harvested Trophy Axis Bucks that rank at or near the top of the R.O.E. (Record of Exotics) year in and year out. The time of year and forage availability will determine how we hunt them. It is our desire to hunt out of blinds, for shot quality purposes. However, we will hunt safari style or spot and stalk if our hunter feels comfortable shooting from sticks, or from one of our vehicles. All of our axis hunts are guided. We will do our best to ensure a quality shot, but it is the shooters responsibility to tell the guide if they feel comfortable in each shooting situation. Once we harvest the animal, your guide will clean, skin and quarter your deer for you. In the event we shoot an axis but do not recover the animal. The hunter is responsible for the full amount of the deer if we find hair, blood or obvious impact was made. Rarely do we get a pass-through shot on axis bucks. It is for this reason the smallest caliber we will allow is a 243. However, we prefer larger. The caliber of choice is a 308! Make sure and visit our Things To Bring page for a list of items you will need to pack for this hunt.


$2500.00 (24-29 inches).

$3000.00 (30-33 inches).

$3500.00 (34+ inches).

Please Note: All of our trophy packages include 2 nights lodging and meals during your stay. 





PLEASE NOTE: Meals and lodging are not included with our management and doe packages. Please refer to our lodging page if you need that information.